Personal data entered by the participant in this form of participation shall not be divulged to any third party unless required by law or by court order or upon request by any government or regulatory authority and when there is explicit consent of the participant to in any way disclosure of his or her personal data. The E-VIP as controller, based on the specifications of the applicable legislation (New General Data Protection Regulation EU GDPR 2016/679, hereafter GDPR) maintains a relevant personal data file in full compliance with the applicable data protection legislation. Processing of personal data is done in order to provide best services on behalf of E-VIP, to support the communication between E-VIP and the participant, to respond to any kind of requests, information and any information about the services and offers with newsletters. The Participant hereby explicitly gives its consent to the processing of the personal data provided by E-VIP, having been specifically informed and in a manner consistent with the applicable legislation.